Local SEO Guide for Garage Door Companies (New Updates)

Local SEO for Garage Door Company (Guide Cover)

The traditional form of Local SEO for garage door installation companies is obsolete in 2024.

Google doesn’t care about service pages or city pages.

They don’t care about word count or number of pages.

They only care about one thing: E-E-A-T.

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Key Takeaway

The new Local SEO for Garage Door Companies is E-E-A-T, which helps Google and users trust your company.

Example of Local SEO Ranking

Pin (E-E-A-T)

Epoxy Garage Pin

Ranking (Local SEO)

Epoxy Garage Map Ranking

What is E-E-A-T for Garage Door Installation Companies?

E-E-A-T is experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Experience: First-hand involvement in garage door installations

Expertise: Vast knowledge of the nuances of garage door installations

Authoritativeness: Respect and acknowledgment from residents and industry peers

Trustworthiness: Credible and reliable when providing garage door information

Read Google’s Document on E-E-A-T

How to Demonstrate E-E-A-T for Garage Door Installation Companies

To demonstrate E-E-A-T, you need a software tool called Field360.

This software app was built for E-E-A-T.

Field360 takes your jobs and converts them into E-E-A-T signals, including:

  • Geo-coordinates
  • Schema markup
  • Unique images
  • Unique captions
  • Mini-Maps

Field360 allows you to run your day-to-day business with jobs, scheduling, invoicing, and payments and then converts the appropriate data into a pin.

None of your private information is publicized, only information that helps market your business and showcase E-E-A-T.

Why SEO Doesn’t Work for Garage Door Installation Businesses

In 2024, an online presence consists of a one-page website and a Google Business profile.


Sure, you could hire some lying, conniving snake out of college to “do SEO” on your website.


Visibility in local search is the definition of BS.


You are visible on Google Maps and Google Search.

Nobody clicks on some garbage blog post about garage door installation, pal.

In fact, 96.5% of blog posts get zero traffic.

Continue wasting your lives as Field360 users get real customers.

Local Keywords for Garage Door Companies

Local keywords are a myth, as a “keyword” is merely something a real person types into Google.

Keyword tools are based on obsolete data, and they are inaccurate.

That’s why Google Search Console doesn’t recognize over 50% of queries for local contractor websites.

They are for terms that Google doesn’t have in their system, which means they are hidden or long-tail terms that some guy typed in on his phone.

Everyone is different, just like your customers.

Don’t rely on some BS keyword volume from some whizkid online.

Link Building for Garage Door Installers


First of all, they violate Google’s guidelines.

Secondly, they don’t work.

The only backlinks worth getting are citations and natural links you pick up from building a brand.


That’s right. 

  1. Submit your company to local directories.
  2. Wait for people to link to your brand.

That’s it, that’s all you ever need.

Stop paying some bozo.

Why SEO Has No Foundation

The only essential element of SEO is to get your website crawled.

If Google cannot crawl your website, you cannot appear in search.

Luckily, Google is really good at crawling websites.

Google can even crawl horribly designed websites with no XML sitemap.


That’s why paying some self-righteous shmuck $2,500 per month to do things like sitemaps is wasteful.

Google Business Profile

For Local SEO, your Google Business Profile is actually essential.

Most times, when SEO gurus call something “essential,” they are lying through their teeth.

However, Google Business Profiles are needed to rank on Google Maps.

Google Maps is where over 50% of your traffic will come from.

Let me cut to the chase: Create a Google Business Profile (if you haven’t already)

Google Reviews

Another SEO essential of Google Business Profiles is Google Reviews.

Most customers will only call a business with at least ten reviews.

So start getting more Google Reviews.

Use Field360 to send automated requests to your customers.

If somebody leaves a negative review, who cares?

The goal is to get so many reviews that a few bad ones don’t matter.

You can always respond to a bad review (but stay professional) – as other prospective customers will read your response.

Content Strategy is BS

Content for local garage door companies is a scam perpetrated by the greedy SEO industry.

Nobody is reading a boring blog post.

As we noted earlier, 96.5% of blog posts get zero traffic.

Say it again for the people in the back: MOST CONTENT GETS ZERO TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!

You’d be better off literally burning your money than paying someone for content.

Local City Pages for SEO

I’m laughing; I’m rolling on the floor.

Mass-producing city pages that proudly violate Google’s public guidelines is the most ridcoulous part of SEO, but I’m the crazy one?

I know some guru sold you some snake oil about city pages dominating the SERPs, but they must be stuck in 2009.

City pages are a waste of your time, money, and dignity.


Furthermore, their mere existence taunts Google’s manual penalizers, who look at your website as a disgrace to humanity.

The last thing the internet needs is more cookie-cutter, near-duplicate content that serves as nothing more than doorway pages to mislead visitors.

While you’re busily chasing the golden ticket, Field360 users are showing evidence of real jobs they did for real customers.

You tell me who’s violating Google’s Guidelines.

The Purpose of Garage Door Installation Websites for SEO

A website’s only purpose in 2024 is to demonstrate E-E-A-T and power your Google Maps rankings via your Google Business Profile.

If you have any other goals for your website, you are living in the Stone Age.

Big websites went out with powdered wigs.

Your website is not an Encyclopedia Britannica, so ditch that bloated brochure and invest in something that actually works (and is cheaper).


In fact, you’re probably paying some flunkee $2,000 a month for a bunch of pages that get zero traffic.

Congratulations, you just played yourself.

Stop churning out mind-numbing content that makes people want to scream and start showing them that you can install their garage door.

Guide Conclusion

As a garage door installation company, you want to get new customers.

You turn to Local SEO for a chance at Google domination.

Unfortunately, the old way of SEO is obsolete in 2024.

Big websites are a waste.

Blog posts are a scam.

Backlinks violate Google’s Guidelines.

Luckily, you can still get new customers with E-E-A-T and a Google Business Profile.

If there was only a software tool that provided everything you needed based on your day-to-day operation.

Oh wait, there is.

Call us today to learn how Field360 can power your garage door installation company.