12 Reasons to Combine Field Management and Marketing

Field management software like ServiceTitan and Jobber provide a needed solution to contractors through scheduling, dispatching, payment processing, and more. Unfortunately, these software solutions fail to deliver the marketing investment required to rank well on Google.

When contractors do not rank well on Google, they book fewer jobs and have less need for field management software.

With this in mind, combining field management software with marketing is very intriguing. Our software, Field360, was designed to make this happen. Below are 12 compelling reasons to combine field management with marketing.

1) Book More Jobs

Field management software makes managing your jobs and technicians in the field easier. But you must first book enough appointments to make this worthwhile. Ranking on Google Maps and Google Search is the best way to get new jobs and dispatch more techs.

2) Scale Your Business

Field management tools are excellent for managing your business, but they are often promoted as a solution to scale your contractor business. Unfortunately, scaling a business without legitimate marketing resources is impossible.

Contractors can scale efficiently by combining field management software with agency-level marketing solutions. Now, as you book more jobs, you also have the software solution to ensure they are fulfilled.

3) Reduce Your Costs

Most contractors learn that more than field management software is needed to grow a business. As a result, they may invest thousands per month in SEO and digital marketing from an agency.

Now, you are paying for both your field management subscriptions and a monthly (or longer-term) marketing agency fee. Combining these options in a single software like Field360 is more cost-effective.

4) Merge Your Software

Business owners know how frustrating it can be to go back and forth between various software tools throughout the workday. Being forced to use many tools clutters your mind and business operation.

Investing in a single software solution for field management and marketing will declutter your mind and streamline your operation. 

5) Enhance Your Reputation

A big part of marketing is reputation management, which starts with customer reviews. Scheduling jobs and communicating with customers through a software app allows you to house your reputation solutions under a single software solution.

An app like Field360 lets you showcase the entire process, from performing the job to automating review requests through text and email, further enhancing your online reputation.

6) Demonstrate E-E-A-T

Google’s latest algorithm updates underscore the importance of expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T). By showcasing your field service jobs on your business website, you highlight social proof proving your first-hand experience.

Using field management software with marketing allows you to adapt to Google’s latest algorithm updates and produce the kind of content made for humans rather than merely for search engines.

7) Process Payments

Having a digital solution to collect payments on the job is an essential advancement for contractors. Most customers prefer to pay digitally rather than having to write a check. You are enhancing your business operation by providing a software solution for payment processing.

The ability to efficiently receive payments also relates to marketing as it enhances your brand’s reputation (fostering more positive reviews) and gets you more bookings (processing more fees). An all-in-one field management and marketing solution allows you to maximize both.

8) Rank in Multiple Cities

One of the main challenges for local contractors is ranking on Google in multiple cities. Because contractors have brick-and-mortar businesses rather than storefronts, the local algorithm often overlooks their work in the towns outside of their primary address.

By combining dispatching with marketing, you are creating hyper-local SEO signals for each area where you perform work. Instead of merely listing your service areas on your Google Business Profile, you can showcase real jobs in these cities and geo-coordinates.

9) Get Fresh Content With a Dynamic Website

Most contractors put up a static website that always stays the same. They create a few pages that may or may not rank on Google and are done with it. By combining field service management software with marketing, your website dynamically updates with the jobs you perform.

Your website gets fresh content each time you perform a job in the field and tag it to the appropriate website page. Imagine how superior your website is to competitors who never update their content. The field service component is the new era of SEO for contractors.

10) Foster a Team Marketing Effort

For most businesses, a website is separate from their actual business operations. They hire a marketing firm to produce a website and write some content, and they may upload unique staff photos.

In contrast, combining field management software with marketing gives your employees a stake in marketing. When techs perform high-quality jobs, their efforts are reflected on your website and Google reviews. This kind of team effort can add to community and shared goals.

11) Simplify Field Management

Most field management software solutions are complicated and discourage techs from using them regularly. By simplifying the field management process, you focus more on what matters: marketing.

Ultimately, your business success is based on marketing and the ability to fulfill jobs. Once you cover these two bases, the extra nonsense is just fluff. Combining these two concepts is the ideal scenario for blue-collar contractors.

12) Embrace Innovation

In a highly competitive landscape, embracing innovation is one of the best ways to overtake competitors. Many contractors are stuck with outdated solutions to modern problems. Others are too invested in overcomplicated fluff that decreases productivity and revenue.

Investing in a marketing and field service management software combination, you become an innovator in your service area and industry. You can begin to reap the rewards of being an early adopter of the new era of contractor business operations that will shape the next decade.


Combining field management with marketing is an outstanding opportunity as we approach an evolving digital landscape that includes AI and thousands of software options. You can succeed in your industry by simplifying your process and focusing on what produces ROI.