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Accepting Card Payments for Plumbers: Comprehensive Guide

Accepting Card Payments for Plumbers (Blog Cover)

Accepting card payments for plumbers is becoming more of an expectation than a luxury in 2024.

In an increasingly digital era, the plumbing industry is transforming how it views customer payments. The modern customer relies heavily on convenient, efficient, and secure payment methods, and successful plumbers are meeting their consumer’s preferences.

In the following guide, Field360 outlines the importance of accepting card payments for plumbers and the challenges and solutions of integrating digital payments into your business operation.

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Key Takeaways

The modern plumbing contractor is adopting diverse payment options, from payment processing apps to virtual terminals, to emphasize customer convenience.

Adopting digital payment technologies increases consumer trust and comfort, serving as a cornerstone of the modern plumbing business model.

Adapting Digital Payments for Plumbers

Customers facing plumbing emergencies are already in a stressful situation. The ease of paying with a card or through a user-friendly app removes a layer of stress from the current situation.

As a result, accepting card payments should not be seen as merely a modern advancement to emerging technologies but instead a prioritization of the comfort and convenience of your loyal customers.

As we outline the complexities of digital payments in the plumbing industry, we will reveal how this new era is more than a trend and can benefit both plumbing businesses and their customers.

Why Credit Card Payments for Plumbers are Essential in 2024

Recent consumer trends showcase a significant inclination toward credit card payments to home service providers (like plumbers).

As a business owner, you might be curious about what is driving this shift and whether it’s necessary for you to adapt your models.

Check out some of the primary drivers below:

Convenience: Credit card payments are more convenient for customers as they don’t have to visit ATMs or write laborious checks. A card payment is also preferable for plumbers as they no longer have to wait for checks to clear.

Security: Credit Card payments include a built-in layer of security not found with more traditional payment methods. For example, encryption, confidentiality, and 3rd party oversight prevent fraud cases.

Record Keeping: Allowing consumers to pay digitally produces automatically generated records of each transaction, making it easier for customers and businesses to record and track transactions with bookkeeping and financial analysis.

Trustworthiness: When plumbers accept credit cards, they build trust with customers. Furthermore, they signal an adaption of modern technologies that reflect their brand and services favorably.

With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that accepting credit cards is something more than a fad for plumbing professionals. Prioritizing modern consumer behavior paired with convenience and trust-building measures is a wise business investment in any context.

Digital Payment Solutions for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing, like most trades, has long been immersed in a hands-on, analog transaction culture that stems from its inherent blue-collar origins. 

As the modern plumber adapts to tech-savvy clientele, various digital payment solutions have moved to the forefront.

Virtual Terminals: Processing payments through online browsers and interfaces

Point of Sale Systems: A digital cash register that processes and records payments

Payment Gateways: A security layer between the customer’s bank account and the plumbing company’s merchant account

The technical terms for these systems are rarely discussed in the mainstream. However, you’ve likely heard of some providers that offer them.

Field360: A field service management and marketing software that includes payment processing to cover agency-level marketing costs.

Square: Allows plumbers to process card payments via smartphone and tablet.

Paypal Here: Allows plumbers to accept PayPal, card, and check payments through a mobile device.

Intuit GoPayment: Also empowers plumbers to process payments through mobile devices, both with credit cards and check scans.

Stripe: Popular, developer-friendly platform that helps plumbers accept card payments via mobile.

Venmo: Known as a peer-to-peer payment platform, this tool helps plumbers with a simple payment processing method with a seamless user interface

These are a few examples among a host of platform options for plumbers. Ultimately, your choice will come down to your ease of use with a specific payment tool.

Selecting The Ideal Payment Processor for Plumbers

Choosing the ideal payment processor is a fundamental step for plumbing companies looking to thrive in this new digital era. Each business has different needs, and each user has unique preferences.

Follow the checklist below to make an informed selection in 2024:

Transparency: The platform must offer a transparent pricing structure to avoid hidden costs and streamline financial projections

Security: The platform must include comprehensive security measures that guard against cyber threats. Look for features that are PCI DSS-compliant and have Rapid Dispute Resolution and 3-D Secure 2.1 technology.

Usability: It’s vital that the platform can meet the specific nuances involved with home services payments and plumbing specifically.

Customer Service: When dealing with a new technology, the customer service quality can make or break the platform experience. As a result, ensure whichever choice you make includes competent customer service.

Multiple factors go into selecting the ideal payment processor for your plumbing company. However, some variables are subjective and will spark different preferences for various plumbing companies. 

It’s essential to make a long-term-minded selection to stick with one platform as you scale your business.

Two Sides of the Credit Card Coin for Plumbers

As with most aspects of a business operation, credit card processing has advantages and disadvantages for plumbers and their customers. 

Below, we break down both sides of the coin so that plumbers can weigh the total scope of this new digital behavior.

Here’s a balanced look at both:


Convenience: Card payments are far more user-friendly than traditional payments (on both ends)

Security: Card processing has built-in security measures that reduce fraud risk

Rewards: Most card providers offer reward programs like travel miles, discounts, and cashback, further incentivizing consumers


Fees: Card payments come with processing fees that increase the total of the transaction for consumers

Interest: Credit card payments incur interest and can increase customers’ long-term expenses depending on the terms and conditions

Debt: Some customers may become overreliant on credit cards and incur debt with irresponsible use.

As you can see, most of the downsides of credit card usage exist on the customer’s end. However, as a service provider, you must know how your business features impact your customers. That said, the positives far outweigh the negatives with this payment option.

Maximizing Digital Payment Quality for Plumbers

While the technology is an eye-opening development for plumbers, digital payment methods are about building trust with your consumer base. Plumbing companies that value trust, transparency, and quality regarding their payment options will find the most long-term success.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve this below:

Communication Channels: Customers must have a forum to pose questions and seek clarifications about their card payments

Brand Loyalty: A consistent offering of secure payment options helps plumbing companies promote brand loyalty in their service area.

Progressive Business Models: Digital payment integration highlights your plumbing business as progressive, which is known to intrigue the modern customer and help scale businesses.

Company Professionalism: Embracing modern payment methods reflects well on your plumbing company’s professionalism and helps customers view your business as high-end and trustworthy.

While accepting card payments for plumbing companies can seem like a very technical integration, the result of this decision can significantly influence your brand’s perception and how customers interact with your business. 

By adopting this modern business feature, plumbers can stand at the forefront of the industry’s mass transition into an evolving digital age.

FAQs for Card Payments in The Plumbing Industry

The decision to adopt modern payment technologies often sparks more questions from plumbing companies regarding the process and its implications. Below, we outline some of the most common questions regarding credit card payment methods for plumbing companies.

Do Most Plumbers Now Accept Credit Card Payments?

The most successful plumbing companies within each local market now accept card payments. However, the total percentage of contractors accepting card payments remains relatively low.

Do Credit Card Payments for Plumbers Include Associated Fees?

Yes, most credit card payments to plumbers come with associated fees.

How Secure are Credit Card Payments for Plumbers?

Credit card transactions are among the most secure payment forms as they are generally processed through regulated payment gateways and include advanced encryption methods.

Setting up Merchant Accounts for Plumbers

Field360 offers merchant accounts for plumbers through the Field360 app.

Merchants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Card Payment Processing
  • Payment Gateways
  • Digital / Online Payment Accessibility
  • Point of Sale System

By setting up a merchant account, plumbing companies can streamline many of the business operations discussed throughout this guide, including more efficient payment processing and customer interactions.

How Plumbers Can Use Credit Card Processing for Marketing

Plumbing companies can enjoy a reduced fee on field service management and marketing software by opting to process payments through the Field360 app. The processing fees allow you to maintain an agency-level optimized website and rank on Google’s Map 3-Pack.

Field360 is the first-ever software to transparently offer this level of service and empower plumbers to scale their business by adopting modern payment technologies and an agency-level marketing effort. To learn more about Field360, check out our official software features.

Final Thoughts on Credit Card Processing

Trades businesses have faced emerging technologies since their inception, both with hands-on tools for the various jobs and behavioral features for the expanding business model. 

The decision to accept card payments can be a transition for plumbers but a necessary one for business owners serious about scaling their business in 2024. Modern tools make the transition more seamless and empower plumbers to maximize the benefits of its adoption.

5 Compelling Reasons for Contractors to Accept Card Payments

Contractors should process credit and debit card payments to expand their client base, exude professionalism, and more efficiently manage cash flow. Accepting card payments will also satisfy existing customers and allow your business to process transactions quickly.

The Challenges of Accepting Card Payments for Contractors

Homeowners have countless options to submit payments to contractors for various services. Although the many possibilities give customers agency over their payments, it can also present challenges for contractors like plumbers and HVAC.

Homeowners now expect home service providers to accept credit and debit cards as payment. It’s your job to deliver this option. In the following post, Field360 outlines the primary reasons to process credit card payments and provides the best solutions to make it happen.

Learn More About Accepting Credit Card Payments for Plumbers

Top Reasons to Process Credit Card Payments

1) Satisfy Customers

The top reason to accept card payments is to please a large percentage of our client base. They view card payments as a convenience that saves them from writing a check or withdrawing cash from their bank accounts.

Because most credit card companies offer extra security, like fraudulent charge alerts, customers may feel more secure paying via card. Then, of course, there is the added bonus of credit card programs and award earnings that offer more incentives for card use.

2) Quickly Process Transactions

On the business end of the equation, card payments process faster than some traditional forms of payment like checks. Once a customer submits their card payment, the capital is swiftly deposited into your business account. 

As contractors, we all want payments to be processed as quickly as possible to adequately manage cash flow and properly project financial benchmarks.

3) Efficiently Manage Finances

Paperwork is a nightmare for financial management, especially for small businesses. By going paperless with your payments, invoices, and receipts, your company can more efficiently organize and maintain financial records.

The time you can save on accounting, reconciliation, and other financial tasks is immeasurable when you invest in paperless options.

4) Increase Sales Transactions

By adopting credit card processing, you are organically increasing sales volume. A percentage of customers will simply not work with your business if you neglect to offer this modern payment option.

The goal of investing in digital solutions is to scale your business. The modern consumer has evolving preferences that shift the onus onto home service providers to offer the solutions they most covet.

5) Establish a Professional Reputation

There are various ways that home service providers measure themselves against competitors. Sometimes, it’s how many trucks you have on the road or how many reviews appear on your Google Business Profile.

One of these indicators is your ability to process card payments. Contractors that refuse this option are often seen as lower-end or outdated. Whether those criticisms are fair or not does not matter because that is the perception.

Best Way for Contractors to Accept Card Payments

The most convenient way for contractors to accept credit card payments is through software. Various software solutions feature card payments and invoicing. Some of these tools focus only on the payment side, while others offer additional features like job scheduling, dispatching, and GPS tracking.

For the most efficient business operations, using one software for all your solutions is best. Field360 is the only software to offer the essential components of field service management software, payment processing, and agency-level marketing. By choosing Field360, you cover everything needed to scale your business.


Contractors must adapt to their client’s evolving payment needs. An essential first step for business owners is to accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. There are several benefits of receiving card payments, including efficient cash flow management, but it can also present various challenges without a good solution.

The good news is that new and exciting software solutions for credit card processing have emerged in the last few years. Field360 is the ultimate all-in-one solution for field management, payment processing, and agency-level marketing.