Local SEO Case Study: Plumbing Company in Brookfield, IL

Local SEO Plumbing Case Study

As a plumber in Brookfield, IL, Suburban Plumbing and Drain Experts was looking to expand its Local SEO reach on Google Organic and Google Maps.

Their goal was to rank for more services not only in Brookfield but also in surrounding areas within Illinois.

Field360 proved to be a godsend for this company as they quickly noticed a huge increase in organic traffic throughout the entire state of Illinois.

Their traffic increased so much that the plumbing company was forced to pause their PPC campaigns because of an overwhelming number of customer inquiries.

That’s the power of Field360, folks.

Pin (E-E-A-T)

Brookfield Sump Pump Pin

Ranking (Local SEO)

Brookfield Sump Pump Ranking

How Field360 Boosted Local SEO for This Brookfield, IL Plumber

Most plumbing SEO strategies rely on obsolete tactics like link building and city pages.

Google has stated publicly that link-building violates its guidelines.

They’ve also referred to city pages as “doorway pages” and “webspam.”

Field360 is unique in that it satisfies Google’s latest recommendation of E-E-A-T.


E-E-A-T is the most genuine form of local SEO for plumbers in 2024.

The acronym stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Suburban Plumbing and Drain Experts use Field360 to demonstrate E-E-A-T on their website.

The powerful Field360 software consolidates E-E-A-T signals into a pin or check-in.

As Google crawls these pins, it assigns trust, credibility, and relevance to the brand.

Brookfield IL Pins

Google Maps

Google Maps and the Google Map 3-Pack account for a large percentage of Organic clicks for plumbing companies.

That’s why Field360 was designed to boost Google Maps rankings.

Most people don’t know that the Google Maps algorithm scans the website page associated with the business listing.

During this website crawl, it looks for various signals and text snippets that mention plumbing services like sump pump repair and outdoor plumbing.

Each time Field360 users submit an invoice, the appropriate information (nothing private) is converted to a pin that shows up on their website.

Now, Google can understand each service type you offer as a plumbing company.

Best of all, they know in which location the job occurred based on geo-coordinates and mini-maps.

Brookfield, IL Plumbing Company Ranking

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are widely regarded as a beneficial metric for local plumbers.

However, reviews direct impact on Google Maps rankings is typically underreported.

For example, Suburban Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Experts accumulated 174 Google Reviews, helping propel them to hundreds of Map 3-pack rankings.

Field360 allows plumbers to send automated review requests to customers through email and text, increasing the review frequency on Google Business Profile.

Consistent reviews, along with the consolidated E-E-A-T signals produced by the software, combine to form the most potent branded signaling for local plumbers on Google.

Brookfield IL Plumber Reviews


Plumbers often view Local SEO as a series of tasks aimed to trick Google into ranking their website.

For example, city pages, backlinks, and blog posts are all commonly deployed strategies by so-called SEO agencies.

Each of these tactics, when performed for the specific purpose of ranking on search, violates Google’s guidelines.

Furthermore, these tactics insult the plumber’s audience by feeding them spam-like content in hopes of securing their business.

By focusing on legitimate E-E-A-T signals that showcase real plumbing jobs to your company’s addressable market, you can transition into a new and more genuine era of Google rankings.